Gym Rules


1. Set up your own weights to lift. When you are done with the workout, please put them away. Failure to do so will result in unexpected burpees.

2. Arrive on time. Please respect our coaches and other members. It wouldn’t be fair for the coach and other members to slow down the class to keep you up to speed.

3. Write Your Wod Time. Most workouts will have beginner, intermediate, and elite levels. Before starting your WOD, simply select your level. Once you are done with your WOD, you must write down your time/rounds using the CORRECT marker.

If you are performing the beginner level, use the green marker. If you are performing the intermediate level, use the red marker. If you are performing the elite level, use the black marker. This will ensure that the time/rounds written is accurate and fair.

4. Expect to workout hard. Respect your own time and make your workout count when you are there.

5. Respect The Leader Board. If you are trying to get your name on The Leader Board, there are 2 requirements (no exceptions): The workout must be done using the prescribed weight (no scale downs). The workout must be monitored by our coach to ensure that all reps completed are actually legit.

6. Don’t be afraid to go heavy. The only way to get stronger is to lift heavy weight. But also know your limits. Grunting is completely allowed during your workout.

7. Safety first. You are responsible for your own safety. If you feel that you need to slow down, then tell the coach, and do so. After all, you know yourself better than we do.

8. No whining allowed. Being negative is contagious and it can certainly bring members down.

9. Help each other out. If you see someone that needs a spotter, then give them a helping hand. If someone needs to use a weight, please share your weight.

10. Be a social creature. Don’t be afraid to say hi and make new friends. After all, you all have one common goal; to improve your body and get more fit. Don’t be afraid to smile/laugh. At the end, have fun.