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Our vision:  To provide health and fitness services as a foundational component of all people’s lives. 

Susan Metzger


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Susan played Division 1 field hockey for The Ohio State University. While she was there she trained under the watchful eye of a strength and conditioning coach where she developed a love of lifting. The birth of her first child in 2009 compelled her to find a fitness program that fit her new lifestyle when her and her husband discovered CrossFit.  The love of CrossFit grew from an interest to a profession and they have never looked back since.

Mike Metzger

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 Michael Metzger has been coaching CrossFit for 9 years.  he has been involved with sports and athletics all of his life.  From a young age he was bike racing and competing in triathlons as well as high school wrestling and track and field events.  

After college CrossFit became a large draw due to it’s short intense training regimen which fit nicely into his home/work life schedule.  “In doing Crossfit I found that the workouts had big crossover into regular life, something that I didn’t expect.  Becoming stronger at CrossFit helped me engage and perform better at other difficult and uncomfortable tasks.”  This realization helped Michael make the switch from High School teacher to CrossFit gym owner.

The power of CrossFit lied in struggling through the workouts, the struggle made you stronger physically and more importantly, mentally and psychologically.  Helping others achieve this strength is the true passion in coaching CrossFit, and running our gym.

Amy Ottavinia

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Amy Ottavinia has been a crossfit coach for over 7 years. She has an athletic background having played field hockey, basketball and softball at Mt Olive High school. She continued her athletic career playing field hockey at the University of Richmond where she was a Regional All American.

“I found crossfit over 5 years ago and I have never looked back.  I love the camaraderie and friendships I have made.   As a coach, it is so rewarding to see people get fitter and live a healthier lifestyle.  My mother found crossfit at the age of 71 and is in the best shape of her life. Crossfit truly is for everyone.”

Amy is involved with many aspects of CrossFit including teens, adults and competitors. She competed at the 2014 Northeast Regional in Boston with her team and continues to train for various competitions.

Thomas Madden



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OPEX CCP LEVEL 1 Coach Thomas has gone through rigorous learning and real-life experience through the OPEX Fitness Education System and has been coaching for 9+ years.

NASM CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER Coach Thomas is a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM. He is frequently continuing his education well beyond the requirements of maintaining this certification.

Coach Thomas is certified as a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach.

Coach Thomas is trained and certified in Gray Cook’s FMS. This particular certification pertains to assessments and mobility tools to help clients reach their goals.

Dave Jorge





Kari Grip

CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1)
Bachelors in Exercise Science
ACE Personal Training






Kari was introduced to CrossFit as a member of the teen program while in high school. The camaraderie and drive that he felt during CrossFit was a perfect fit to fill the gap of team sports when he got to college. Kari quickly transitioned to coaching and spent several years on the staff at CrossFit Hamilton. He has since returned to his roots in Northern/Central New Jersey and joined up with us once again.

Joe DeMarco

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USA Certified Weightlifting Coach






Joe started coaching Crossfit in 2013 while he was a junior at The College of New Jersey. As a lifelong athlete, Joe was instantly hooked by the level of competition, intensity, volume, and skill development offered by Crossfit. Coaching others has expanded his love for the sport, as he finds it rewarding to connect with all members of the community and watch them put in the work over time to move better and improve their lives. Specifically, he most enjoys coaching athletes in Olympic Weightlifting and Gymnastics. Some of his favorite activities include outdoor sports, brewing coffee, and working out with friends!

Kristen Broking

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Kristen is the newest member to our team. A few years ago, after retiring from teaching to be a stay at home mom, she discovered CrossFit. She immediately developed the eye of a coach to see, cue and correct movement. “I love how CrossFit gives you endless opportunities to improve, learn and grow, so it never gets boring!”

At the beginning of 2018 Kristen began an internship at CrossFit Randolph to further develop her coaching skills and officially joined the team as a coach in September 2018.

John Niemi | Intern

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John studied Kinesiology/Fitness Development at Cortland State where he also played rugby. “After college, I did your typical gym workouts and I was introduced to CrossFit in 2010 by a trainer at my local gym. I quickly realized the benefits of functional fitness and the positive influence it had across other aspects of my life and health. I got my Level 1 to be able to effectively spread that message to family and friends who needed help with their health and wellness. Seeing the tremendous effects it had on their mobility, energy levels and overall outlook, I realized that coaching was truly a passion of mine. In my free time, I enjoy every kind of movie imaginable, the outdoors and nerding out on weird mobility and strength techniques”.